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Satellite Earth Station Antennas and VSAT Antennas maintenance & repair

Antennas age over time, due to their continuous usage and weather impact !

Satellite Teleports, VSAT Network Operators, Business owners and Broadcasters are looking to prolong the effective service life of their Antennas and Satellite Communications Equipment.

EdgeOpia in co-operation with Satservice provides a range of services to efficiently maintain your Satellite Earth Station Antennas and Satellite Equipment. The EdgeOpia / SatService team has over 20 years of experience delivering custom Satellite Antenna and Satcom Equipment Maintenance solutions to clients around the globe.

We offer  a wide range of services tailored to meet your specific equipment maintenance requirements and will solve the toughest maintenance tasks in a timely and cost effective way while adhering to strict quality processes.

Regular Antenna Maintenance / repairs will ensure your Satellite Antennas continues to be reliable with trouble free operation.

We service Earth Station Antennas in sizes up to 21m along with all associated electronic RF equipment (High Power Amplifier, SSPA, Converters, Block Up Converters, Waveguide).

Our Satellite Earth Station Antenna and Equipment Services include:

General Maintenance an Repair

  • Azimuth & Elevation Jack screws Replacement
  • Motor and gear box repair
  • Rigid and flexible waveguide repair
  • Custom steel and aluminum fabrication
  • De-ice system troubleshooting
  • Lighting
  • Lightning protection

Grease and Lube

  • Azimuth & Elevation Jacks
  • Azimuth & Elevation Gear Boxes
  • Polarization Drive Controller System
  • Pivot Points

Power Washing

  • Reflector
  • Sub-Reflector
  • Back Structure
  • Hub
  • Kingpost / Mount
  • Antenna Foundations
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