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19″ rack based L-Band Distributor

Hhas two functions in professional satellite ground stations

  1. to provide the redundant supply voltage for the Low Noise Converters (LNC)
  2. distributes the received signal to multiple outputs at which the satellite receivers are connected.

The Internal amplifiers compensate the loss of the distribution circuit. The signal distribution is realized with cascaded Wilkinson dividers which guarantee good frequency response and isolation between the different output ports.

The unit includes two power supplies with two independent mains voltage input connectors. Internal redundancy switchover between the two power supplies improve the availability of the unit.

Model variants

The following versions of the L-band distributor are available. All are delivered in a 1 RUI 19” rack size:

  • LRXD18-50 connect one LNC, provides 8 outputs with 50 Ohm SMA out
  • LRXD28-50 connect two LNC, provides per LNC 8 outputs with 50 Ohm SMA out
  • LRXD18-75 connect one LNC, provides 8 outputs with 75 Ohm F output
  • LRXD28-75 connect two LNC, provides per LNC 8 outputs with 750 Ohm F out
  • LRXD14 connect one LNC, provides 4 out with mixed 50/75 Ohm and SMA/F out
  • LRXD44 allows redundant supply voltage for 4 Low Noise Converters (LNC) and distributes the receive signals to four L-Band output ports

The versions LRXD18, LRXD-28, LRXD116 and LRXD44 are equipped with two redundant power supplies and are available in a 1 Ru 19”size

Key Features

  • 19” 1 height unit compact design
  • Redundant power supplies
  • DC free/protected outputs (no damage by IRD LNC supply voltage)
  • Electronic over-current protection
  • High and low current alarms
  • Adjustable alarm threshold
  • Relay contact outputs for all alarms
  • Alarms can be used for redundancy switching
  • Monitoring Output @ 0dB at the front panel
  • LNC current monitoring
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