The EN8090 is the second-generation MPEG-4 AVC HD encoder and uses Ericsson’s Intelligent Compression Engine technology featuring Clarus™ video pre-processing, with enhanced noise reduction, artifact removal and improved filtering. It redefines the economics of HD

The EN8090 provides the highest quality HD encoding and uses a comprehensive toolset of performance boosting advanced
compression video processing features and increased processing power.

This generation of HD encoding delivers more HD video and audio channels in the available bandwidth


Version1.  ASI & IP out: Euro 5000
Version2.  ASI out:  Euro 4500
Systems are in stock, tested
Ready for shipment and in excellent condition
EXW NL, excl VAT-Taxes-(import)duties
Warranty 90 days

Tandberg 8090 Description Licence Details
M2/ES02/CVBS Composite Video In Enabled OK
M2/ES02/SDI SDI Video In Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/NR Noise Reduction Enabled OK
M2/ES02/PU Performance Upgrade Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/MPEG2/422 422P@ML Enabled OK
M2/ES02/ACON Auto Concatenation Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/AVC H.264/AVC Capable Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/MPEG2 Dual AVC and MPEG Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/HD H.264/AVC HD (EN8090) Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/PIP PiP (Picture in Picture – SIF Res) Enabled OK
EN8000/SWO/PIP/PLUS PiP-Plus (Full Res SD PiP for HD) Enabled OK


Audio A/B
EN8000/SWO/AC3 Dolby Digital Enabled OK
M2/ES02/AUDIO2 Audio:2 Stereo Pairs Enabled OK


Advanced Audio 2A/2B
EN8000/SWO/ICE3AAC ICE-3 AAC Audio in SD Enabled OK


Advanced Audio 3A-3D
EN8000/SWO/AOMAAC AAC Audio Enabled 4 Stereo Pairs
EN8000/SWO/MPEG4/HEAAC MPEG-4 HE-AAC Audio Enabled 4 Stereo Pairs
EN8000/SWO/MPEG4/HEAACV2 MPEG-4 HE-AAC v2 Audio Enabled 4 Stereo Pairs
EN8000/SWO/D_ENCODE Encode Dolby Digital (AVC) Enabled 4 Stereo Pairs


VBI data
M2/ES02/DATA Main Data Input Enabled OK
M2/ES02/VBI Advanced VBI Enabled OK


Option Modules
EN8000/SWO/PROFEC Pro MPEG FEC Enabled H/W Not Present
EN8000/SWO/RAS RAS Enabled OK

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Prices in Euros, EXW NL, excl VAT-taxes-(import)duties, incoterms2010, warranty 90 days – unless other specified

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