The DMP900, proven Cost-Effective alternative for medium and small sized Broadcasters

Powerful multipurpose video-processing platform

  • Equipped with six modules
  • hot-swappable
  • Redundant Power Supply
  • Any Input / Any Output
  • Future Upgrading possibilities
  • System can support almost any video delivery requirement

      **  Encoding
      **  Receiving
      **  Transcoding
      **  Scrambling or descrambling
      **  IP / ASI Turn around
      **  Multiplexing 

With the built-in service/stream level redundancy, monitoring and grooming functions, the DMP900 can integrate with any video solutions/systems and support 24 hours non-stop operation for years to come.


**  Broadcasting, primary/secondary distribution, video delivery, Telecom/IPTV/OTT

**  Up-link/down-link, content preparation/compression, digital turnaround, trans-modulation

**  IP-ASI gateway, program insertion, multi-screen delivery, etc.

Key features 

  • Dense modular design: 1 RU with 6 hot-swappable module slots
  • Supports up to 6 Gbps TS stream multiplexing/grooming
  • Stream/Port/Service level redundancy
  • Supports EIT multiplexing (optional) and PSI/SI table
  • edition/insertion (both DVB and ATSC standard)
  • Hot swappable and dual redundant power supply design
  • Multiple configuration/monitoring tools: Web-GUI NMS and SNMP
  • Supports WMS (Wellav’s centralized manager with N+M equipment-level redundancy)
  • Easy upgrade to new technologies with only module replacement
  • Low power consumption and high reliability with MTBF ≥100,000 Hours
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