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Fly-Away, sizes 1.0M to 2.4m, KU, C-band and KA, Motorised and Manual

Stand-Alone Fly-Away antenna as well as full solution

The Fly Away antenna's in our offering are lightweight 1.2-meter Quick Deploy antennas, designed for worldwide transmit and receive operation in C, X, KU and Ka-band 

These portable antennas consist of Precision Molded reflector and compact pedestal, are manufactured from carbon fiber, aluminum alloy and performance engineering polymers, the complete systems have been designed to perform in the harshest of environments where fast deployments are essential.  Antenna is supplied with a high quality mode-matched feed

The accurate reflector surfaces provide good side-lobe and cross-polarization performance

Check below our tried and tested End-to-End Fly-Away Connexion solution package, consisting of:

    **   Encoder ( MediaKind, WELLAV or DIBSYS )
    **   Modulator ( Newtec, MediaKind, Sencore or DIBSYS )
    **   HPA - SSPA (Advantech)
    **   Waveguide - Flex-Twist
    **   Fly-Away antenna - all sizes, sturdy quality - multiple pricing options
    **   LNB
    **   Receiver ( MediaKind, WELLAV, DIBSYS )

Tailor-made configurations, excellent pricing, reliable quality of integrated systems

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